No Brainer: CBD & THC for Head Injuries


  • According to a U.S. government-held patent pertaining to “cannabinoids as antioxidants and neuroprotectants,” CBD and THC can limit “neurological damage following ischemic insults, such as stroke or trauma.”
  • A 2014 study found that traumatic brain injury (TBI) patients who tested positive for THC were more likely to survive with less impairment than TBI patients who abstained from marijuana.
  • Preclinical research and anecdotal accounts indicate that CBD is highly active against brain ischemia, modulating many of the molecular hallmarks of TBI pathology.
  • CBD normalizes post-ischemic heart arrhythmia and limits the size of damaged brain tissue in mice when administered shortly before or after a closed head injury.
  • CBD produces no intoxicating effects, no THC-like high, and its use does not lead to tolerance.
  • As yet there have been no FDA-approved clinical trials to determine the efficacy of CBD-rich cannabis oil extracts for traumatic brain injury.

The Future is Here: Researchers Have Isolated the Genes Responsible for Creating THC and CBD


Earlier this year, the eye-catching headline ‘Marijuana Contains “Alien DNA” from Outside of Our Solar System, NASA Confirms’ made its way around the world wide web thousands of times before the truth could even put its pants on.

The article, clearly a hoax from the fine folks over at, was intended to exploit the clickbaity nature of social media where many people never make it past the headline before making up their mind on the subject. . . and it worked.

But the fact that so many people are so mystified by the layers of healing and new discovery within the cannabis plant really speaks to the larger issue that for far too long cannabis has been shunned by governments and societies, making real lab-grade research nothing more than a pipe dream for willing researchers.

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