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Monty Finch, Owner of Pandale Rio Farms, Has observed and interacted with the medicinal benefits of marijuana since 1966. Importing cannabis in the late 60’s in Texas, Monty was beneficial to supplying the medicine for the pioneering stages of cannabis science. Testing some of the finest hash oil, Thai Sticks, and Columbian marijuana further pushed his knowledge and belief that marijuana could help heal and led Monty on a medical journey in life. In the mid 70’s Monty spent over a decade working in Emergency Rooms, Ambulances, and surgery. After, Monty pursued his love for medicine and was accepted into nursing school. In that time he realized that Marijuana would have a major role in the medical field aiding in positive results of physical recovery and mental wellness. Having previous knowledge of heavy machinery from driving trucks in the 90’s Monty went to Iraq as a combat truck driver. After Iraq and struggling with PTSD at home Monty signed up and was accepted to Oaksterdam University, America’s first cannabis college.  At Oaksterdam Monty learned how to infuse the two things he always believed worked well together Marijuana and Medicine.