A Newly Proposed Bill, H.R. 420, is Looking to Legalize Marijuana at The Federal Level


A new bill is proposing marijuana be legalized at the federal level, according to a report by the Marijuana Moment.

H.R. 420, also known as the “Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol Act,” suggests the federal government treat marijuana like alcohol rather than a controlled substance, which is its current classification under the Controlled Substances Act.

If the bill were to pass, marijuana would be added to the list of intoxicating liquors, like vodka, gin, and other spirits.

Rather than being handled by the DEA, the ATF would take over marijuana jurisdiction in the U.S.

Additionally, the FDA would have the same regulatory authority over marijuana as it currently does with alcohol.

Businesses wishing to manufacture, sell, or distribute marijuana would need a federal permit from the U.S. Treasury Department, per the bill’s language.

Those attempting to sell marijuana without the permit would be fined up to $1,000.

Unlike alcohol, H.R. 420 would not allow for the widespread advertising of marijuana in any form.

Rep. Earl Blumenauer, a Democrat from Oregon, filed the bill on Wednesday, January 9.

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